NCR Biochemical is looking for : Account Manager Europe

NCR Biochemical is a leading company in the field of chemical auxiliaries for the paper treatment industry. Professional consultancy, product application, and end-customer management are integral parts of our business model. While our main headquarters is located in Italy, we also have branches abroad and a strong focus on growth.

We are currently seeking a candidate to join our paper division’s team of account managers. This person will be responsible for managing European customers, with guidance from an experienced supervisor who has years of expertise within the company.


  • Customer Satisfaction: Ensuring high professionalism and ethical conduct, the candidate will prioritize customer satisfaction for their assigned clients. They will promptly address client assistance needs related to ongoing treatments, aiming to extend customer relationships.
  • Technical Assistance: The candidate will provide optimal and personalized technical support. This includes drafting technical reports related to established treatments, new implementations, and industrial tests. Regular communication and updates with the Key Account Manager (if applicable) or the Technical Director are essential.
  • Issue Resolution: Identifying deviations from expected results, the candidate will suggest and implement corrective actions. They will collaborate with their supervisor and the Key Account Manager (if applicable) or the Technical Director to address any discrepancies.
  • Business Opportunities: The candidate will proactively explore critical areas and improvement opportunities in facilities where NCR products are not currently in use. This applies to both existing and potential clients. By identifying new business prospects, they will seek support from their supervisor, the Key Account Manager (if applicable), or the Technical Director to propose suitable technical solutions and capitalize on identified opportunities.
  • Technical and Commercial Proposals: The candidate will meticulously prepare technical and commercial proposals (after consulting with their supervisor), including those related to dosing systems. These proposals play a crucial role in our client interactions and business growth.
  • Ensures Achievement of Sales Goals and Gross Margins: The candidate will be responsible for achieving sales targets and maintaining gross margins for their assigned clients.
  • Collaborates with Commercial Office Managers (Sales Italy and Export): The candidate will work closely with the Commercial Office Managers to prevent outstanding payments, delays, and losses.
  • Stays Informed about Market Trends and Opportunities: The candidate will keep abreast of market trends, product offerings from both NCR and competitors, and promptly update their manager on relevant market developments and business opportunities.
  • Prioritizes and Organizes Work: The candidate will coordinate priorities with their manager and organize their work accordingly.
  • Leverages Manager’s Support and Feedback for Continuous Improvement: The candidate will actively use feedback and support from their manager to enhance their performance and professional development.
  • Promotes Adherence to Safety Regulations: The candidate will actively contribute to the dissemination and compliance with safety regulations.
  • Adheres to Company Quality Policies: The candidate will operate in full compliance with company policies related to quality systems.
  • Responsible for Proper Functioning and Maintenance of Leased Dosing Systems: The candidate will ensure the correct operation and maintenance of leased dosing systems.
  • Stays Updated through Specialized Readings and Identifies Training Opportunities: The candidate will stay informed through relevant specialized readings and proactively identify opportunities for professional development through participation in courses or meetings.


  • Degree in Chemistry or Diploma as a Paper Technician or Chemical Technician.
  • Relevant Experience (at least 6 years) in the paper industry or roles related to paper production (preferably Tissue).
  • Excellent English proficiency.
  • Knowledge of a second language will be considered a plus.
  • Good knowledge of the Office suite.

Personal Characteristics:

  • Willingness to travel frequently and extensively abroad (approximately 70% of the time).
  • Ability to work independently with clients.
  • Strong communication skills and interpersonal abilities.
  • Results-oriented mindset.
  • Desire for continuous learning and personal improvement.

At NCR Biochemical, we value our resources. We offer competitive compensation, professional growth opportunities, and personal development.

If you are interested in working for a rapidly growing company and tackling complex challenges, we would be delighted to welcome you!