Queenex Hygiene Paper Manufacturing LLC is looking for a Weighbridge Operator

We’re looking for a dedicated individual to join our team as a Weighbridge Operator. If you have a keen eye for accuracy, this could be the perfect opportunity for you! Check out the details below:

Key responsibilities:-
-Recording and monitoring the weight of incoming and outgoing vehicles and materials.
-Ensuring accurate and efficient weighing processes at the weighbridge.
-Preparing Weighing Slips and arranging necessary signatures from the driver.
-Ensure to collect OGP signed by HOD before sending any material via gate.
-Reading and interpreting weight documentation and vehicle details.
-Measuring and recording weights of incoming and outgoing materials or goods.
-Ensuring compliance with weight regulations and industry standards.
-Completing reports in Excel and submit to the HOD on time.
-Updating records in computer systems.
-Collaborating with drivers, warehouse staff, and other stakeholders to facilitate smooth operations.

Required Qualifications:-
-Minimum a diploma in any discipline
-Attention to details
-Must be good in Basic English communications.

Join us in driving excellence & efficiency in our weighbridge operations!  Share your CV with the position you’re applying for mentioned in the subject line to “[email protected]“.