Watch a live broadcast of port warehouse construction work for the Kemi bioproduct mill

It is now possible to follow via web camera the progress of the construction work of the port warehouse for the Kemi bioproduct mill project at the Ajos harbour. In addition, three previously installed cameras in Metsä Group’s Kemi mill area capture the current key areas of the bioproduct mill construction. You can find the broadcasts at The cameras transmit a live real-time image around the clock.

– The port warehouse is a central part of the bioproduct mill and its logistics chain. We want to offer everyone the opportunity to monitor not only the progress in the construction of the bioproduct mill site in the mill area, but also the construction progress in the Ajos harbour in Kemi, says Jari-Pekka Johansson, Director for the bioproduct mill project at Metsä Fibre.

Earthworks are currently being carried out at the port warehouse site, where deep compaction of the soil is underway. The port warehouse is being built by the construction company Lehto Group from Kempele, Finland. The port warehouse will be completed in the last quarter of 2022, and the new bioproduct mill will be started up in the third quarter of 2023.

Metsä Group’s Kemi bioproduct mill project is progressing as planned. During the construction phase, the mill’s employment effect is estimated at nearly 10,000 person-years, of which more than 50 per cent will be in Kemi. The total number of employees working during the construction phase is estimated to be about 15,000. The investment in the new mill will secure the 250 jobs at the current Kemi mill for the coming decades. Through its direct value chain, the new bioproduct mill will employ around 2,500 people in Finland, some 1,500 more than the employment effect of the current Kemi pulp mill. The bioproduct mill project’s degree of Finnish origin is estimated to be high, at about 70 per cent.

Totalling EUR 1.6 billion, the investment in Metsä Group’s Kemi bioproduct mill is the largest in the history of the Finnish forest industry. The mill will produce 1.5 million tonnes of softwood and hardwood pulp per year, as well as many other bioproducts.