Urgently needed mouth and nose protection – Hahnemühle launches HaMuNa® Care

Hahnemühle responds to current Covid-19 pandemic situation and expands its production with much-needed mouth and nose protection made of paper. HaMuNa® Care, a disposable mouth and nose papermask can be used anywhere, e.g. on public transport, in supermarkets, curches, waiting rooms and public buildings. As a barrier, it prevents people passing the infection through coughing and sneezing and corresponds to hygienic behaviour in the case of an infectious disease. It is designed for short-term and singular use.

The HaMuNa® Care material is breathable and printable (digital and analog) and certified for direct food contact. Due to a perforation on the mask wings, the HaMuNa Care® can be adapted to the shape of an individual‘s head. HaMuNa® Care is offered either in a single dispenser with 200 pieces or with a standing display. Visitors or customers remove a mouth and nose protection without contact.

“We are pleased that with HaMuNa® Care, we were able to quickly develop a product that helps to fulfill the mouth and nose protection needs of all. HaMuNa® Care is produced entirely in Germany under highest hygienic standards. We already receive a lot of requests of our filter media for use in reusable masks and are very confident that customers will also accept HaMuNa® Care as an inexpensive solution” says Hahnemühle President & CEO Jan Wölfle.

The digitally printed display and dispenser can be flexibly printed for branded goods and retailers. Hahnemühle offers HaMuNa® Care at cost price, to make a contribution to a rapid containment of the pandemic and fulfilling its social responsibility.

HaMuNa® Care is not a medical protective mask. All other health recommendations such as social distancing, thoroughly washing hands, ventilate rooms etc. must be continued to be observed.