Fedrigoni launches a new global image, and its self-adhesives division becomes Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives

The leading company for the production of special papers and self-adhesive labels and materials has launched a new global identity to strengthen the Group’s positioning, with a distinctive image for the company’s many brands that produce and sell over 32,000 products all over the world. At the same time, the self-adhesives division has unveiled its new name, which changes from Arconvert Ritrama to Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives. Harry Pearce, partner at Pentagram, guided the team of designers, choosing to revisit Aldo Novarese’s Forma typeface to represent Fedrigoni’s new image – a solid, innovative company with strong Italian roots – and his ‘Elevating Creativity’ mission. The image has also been redesigned for the Group’s digital presence, from its websites to its social media platforms.

4,000 employees, 36 production and distribution sites, more than 32,000 products, 15 brands, two business areas, all gathered under a new, single, authoritative brand identity, an important step for a global Group with an ambitious growth path and an increasingly decisive role in the world of paper and self-adhesive materials.

Fedrigoni, a leading company in the production and sale of high value-added special papers for graphics, packaging, publishing and self-adhesive materials since 1888, has reinvented itself and launched a new global image designed by Pentagram. The internationally renowned graphic design company has designed and applied a new identity in all its forms, streamlining the different brands that have joined the Group over the course of successive acquisitions, and creating a new, homogeneous name and image for the self-adhesive materials division, which, from a plurality of brands and companies – Arconvert, Ritrama (acquired in February 2020) and IP Venus (acquired in December 2020) – has now become a single brand of excellence, Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives, leveraging its membership and strong synergy with the Group.  This is an important goal for this business’s growth plan, which today is the third largest global player in the premium self-adhesive labels and materials segment for sectors such as Food & Beverage, Wine & Spirits, Home-Beauty-Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Advertising & Promotion, Luxury, Textiles, Transport and Logistics.

“With this brand renovation project we are laying the foundations to build an important global Group, and continuing along the growth path that allowed us to cushion the impact of Covid-19 on the market, and to achieve all our objectives in terms of acquisitions, strengthening of management, innovation, development of new products, processes efficiency, acceleration of sustainability and now a new and distinctive image on a global level as well,” stated Marco Nespolo, CEO of Fedrigoni Group. “It’s a process in which creativity and design play a leading role. Fedrigoni has always worked alongside people with innovative ideas for paper and self-adhesive materials, providing the right level of support to give substance to their intuition, from luxury packaging to the most refined labels, from art to publishing. ‘Elevating Creativity’ is our mission: the ladder, a symbol of the city of Verona, is also our icon that represents our dedication, through our products, to supporting all the clients in maximising and elevating their brands.”

The shield, characterised by the traditional motif of a ladder and the date the company was founded, remains a fundamental element of the Fedrigoni brand, which is still written in capital letters but using the Italian Forma typeface, created in 1968 by the type designer, Aldo Novarese, to replace the French Peignot typeface, and now reinterpreted in a more modern, customised version. The Group’s digital presence has also been modernised, starting with its Group,  (www.fedrigoni.com), Investors (http://investors.fedrigoni.com/) and Self-Adhesives (LINK FUTURO self-adhesives.fedrigoni.com) websites, which have just launched having been redesigned according to the new guidelines. The global social strategy for the Group and its paper and self-adhesives divisions has also been harmonised, with its new