Kadant Starts up an Approach Flow Cleaner System at LD Celulose’s Pulp Mill

Kadant Noss AB, a subsidiary of Kadant Inc. (NYSE:KAI), announced it successfully started up an approach flow cleaner system for production of bleached hardwood dissolving kraft pulp at LD Celulose’s pulp mill located in the Triângulo Mineiro region of Brazil.

LD Celulose S.A. is a joint venture between Austria-based Lenzing and the Brazilian company Dexco. It is one of the largest dissolving wood pulp mills in the world and will produce 500,000 tons per year of dissolving wood pulp, a key raw material for manufacturing Lenzing’s wood-based textile and specialty fibers. The mill is among the most productive and energy-efficient in the world.

Kadant Noss’ scope of supply includes a Radiscreen-C™ protection screen and a seven-stage Radiclone™ AM80 forward cleaner system followed by a Radiclone BM80 reverse cleaner stage for thickening of the pulp. The system is directly coupled to the headbox.

The Radiclone AM80 hydrocycloning system features one of the highest removal efficiencies available for heavyweight contaminants and is used in all applications with a high demand for pulp and paper cleanliness. These systems are particularly suitable for dissolving pulp production, where the requirements for pulp cleanliness and chemical purity are extremely high. The low operating costs in conjunction with the high-performance cleaning capability make these systems a preferred choice for efficient fiber processing.