Digital testing solutions from emtec Electronic onsite at ABTCP to help meet sustainability goals in papermaking

The 54th annual Pulp and Paper International Congress and Exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil from October 4-6, 2022 will focus on technological trends, governance and innovation in the context of promoting greater sustainability. emtec Electronic GmbH will present a selection of its paper measuring and testing devices that help reduce resource waste and optimize quality.

Regarded as Latin America’s biggest event in the forest-based industry production chain, the ABTCP congress is expected to attract thousands of pulp and paper industry executives and professionals to the Transamerican Expo Center in São Paulo to discuss new trends and exchange ideas. This year, the main theme of the event is “Pulp and Paper: Environment, Society, Governance and Innovation.”

The German device manufacturer emtec Electronic GmbH will be on-site to present a line of products that not only help paper professionals optimize product and process quality, but also help meet sustainability goals such as waste reduction. The 27-year-old company specializes in the manufacture of measuring and testing equipment for pulp, paper, and board and serves customers in more than 80 countries around the world.

“Given the current world economic situation — with rising energy costs, climate concerns and a growing focus on social responsibility — it makes sense that pulp and paper specialists are increasingly looking for ways to conserve resources and reduce waste, without sacrificing quality,” says Alexander Gruener, Global Marketing and Business Development Manager at emtec. “Our equipment helps with this by quickly and reliably providing measurement data that leads to a more efficient use of resources and greater control throughout the production and conversion process.”

The palette from emtec Electronic at the exhibit includes the digital-twin machines for measuring the charge environment of the pulp: the CAS touch! Charge Analyzing System and the FPA touch! Fiber Potential Analyzer. This dynamic duo is best used in tandem for overall controlling and optimization of the wet end in the papermaking process. Whereas the CAS touch! evaluates the particle charge in the pulp suspension, the FPA touch! measures the zeta potential of the fibers.

Precise monitoring of these two areas is key to ensuring a resource-efficient production process. The CAS lets technicians know the cationic demand in the filtrate of a suspension for a correct dosing of anionic trash catcher (ATC). The FPA then provides information about the fiber surface charge for the determination of the optimal interaction between the fibers and functional chemical additives such as starch, wet or dry strength agents, optical brighteners, etc.

Other instruments on display at the Expo will be the ACA Ash Content Analyzer, which quickly and non-destructively measures the total mineral filler content as well as the percentage distribution of the individual fillers in paper and board; the DFA Dynamic Filtration Analyzer, which quickly determines the influence of chemicals on the filtration characteristics of fiber suspensions by an automatic analysis of drainage and retention; and the TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer, which objectively measures the softness, smoothness, and in-plane stiffness of tissue and paper products.

Participants and visitors are encouraged to stop by booth 89/90 in Aisle D5/6 to speak to emtec’s Area Sales Manager Daniel Ohndorf and the team of representative company Elof Hansson to find out more about ways to conserve resources using emtec Electronic testing instruments.

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