WEPA Ventures supports SNYCE, a start-up producing nice recycled and plastic free toilet paper

Beginning of this year, the WEPA Group has founded WEPA Ventures as its corporate venturing arm. WEPA Ventures is designed to offer a great ecosystem for start-ups as well as supporting the Group’s transformation process and innovation approach.

SNYCE is one of the first projects coming to life thanks to this initiative.

To offer everyday products that are uncompromisingly sustainable and, in addition, leave nothing to be desired in terms of quality and design: this vision inspired both the communication designers Tatjana and Julian Hektor as well as Andreas Krengel. One dinner together and one week later the team moved into a Coworking Space and founded the startup SNYCE. Intensive product development followed and in May 2020 a milestone was reached: the first produced and especially soft toilet paper rolls made of recycled fibres were delivered. Packed plastic-free in specially designed upcycling recycling boxes and available in five designs. In addition to sales via regional partners, the SNYCE team is in direct contact with customers from all over Germany with its own online shop and via social media channels. The founding team is supported by dedicated WEPA mentors.

WEPA Ventures is the focus of this cooperation. Andreas Krengel has been involved in the company’s development since its foundation and brought Tatjana and Julian into contact with the WEPA network. Tobias Hundhausen also advised SNYCE already at an early stage on various topics. In order to support the growth of the startup, Till Rösnick has been a permanent member of the SNYCE team as co-managing director since july 2020. SNYCE is thus the first WEPA Ventures spin-off and benefits from the expertise of our colleagues.

The vision of the startup company, “We make the world and your bathroom more beautiful”, has now reached the team of a local TV station. Therefore, on August 17th, filming took place in the coworking space as well as in the WEPA factory in Müschede (Germany).