Kadant Fiberline China Starts up OCC System at Guizhou Pengsheng’s Mill

Kadant Fiberline (China) Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Kadant Inc.  announced it successfully started up its 800 tons per day OCC system at Guizhou Pengsheng’s greenfield mill in Anlong for its PM1. Pengsheng uses 100% domestic recovered paper as raw material and manufactures 90 to 140 gsm corrugating medium from recycled OCC.

Pengsheng selected Kadant Fiberline China based on Kadant’s proven technology and track record of successful installations of OCC systems. With the startup of a second OCC line, the mill is expected to produce a total of 350,000 metric tons of linerboard per year.

“We are very excited to be part of Pengsheng’s successful journey,” said Peter Ma, vice president of sales and marketing at Kadant Fiberline China. “Pengsheng was founded in 2011 and is already a world player incorporating our expertise and technology in the processing of recycled fiber.”