CMPC increases the capacity to produce masks in Brazil, Peru and Mexico

In the context of the Coronavirus pandemic, CMPC, the Latin American pulp and paper producer, through Softys, acquired three new machines, in addition to those in Chile and Brazil that already landed in both countries on the weekend of April 10. The masks will be delivered free of charge to the public health services of each country.

Under CMPC’s commitment to the community, especially in the context of the Coronavirus health crisis, the company, through Softys, acquired a total of five machines to manufacture surgical-type masks.

Two of them have already landed the weekend of April 10 in Chile and Brazil and are in the process of being assembled, while the others will be installed in Peru, Mexico and also in Brazil (adding two in that country).

Thus, CMPC will achieve a production of 18 million 500 thousand masks per month in the four countries.

In each country, the masks will be delivered free of charge to public health services, and only the percentage necessary for the care of company workers will be reserved.

The delivery of the masks is expected to begin in Chile in early May.