A new range of sustainable products launched by Gomà Camps

Gomà Camps, the Spanish tissue paper manufacturer, announced today that it is still moving along with new projects to face the current sanitary crisis. In that context, it launched a new range of towels and layers in different compostable 0% plastic materials in Airlaid and Spunlace, to respond to new hygiene and protection needs for hairdressers, beauty centers, spas or wellness and gyms. GC Beauty & Wellness is born. The new range of single-use products ensures a clean environment with maximum hygiene, in compliance with the sanitary recommendations of the COVID-19 that encourages replacing the usual towels with disposable towels as much as possible, as well as covering areas of regular customer contact with single-use plastic or paper.

GC Beauty & Wellness products cover all the needs of this type of place and is comfortable for customers thanks to the materials in Airlaid and Spunlace that offer a feeling of maximum softness and absorption. Being single-use, towels and layers convey safety and protect customers by using products for individual use by each customer. And not least, the layers and towels are made of compostable material with 0% plastic, so it can be thrown into the organic container, thus respecting the environment.