Solutions with real positive impact on the bottom-line and sustainable overtime.

On top of the head of production managers and other stakeholders of a greenfield or of a machine revamping project, is the need to effectively prepare operators and machine crews to guaranty a successful machine start up and the machine operation overtime. Also, the paper industry like many other industries, is facing a real challenge to find qualified people with the competencies required. In addition to this current challenge is the need to adapt the workplace to new function and new role in order to transition towards the digitalization and industry 4.0, changing the role of what traditionally has been the function of machine operators and machine crews in general.

Despite that modern paper and tissue machines and stocks preparation are highly automated and include now more and more a first layer of artificial intelligence and significant digital features, and the fact that  the human intervention has been considerably reduced in the last decades, there is still a need for a minimal human intervention which requires presently a totally different set of skills for the machine crews and operators or even for technical and engineers. The anticipation of potential issues by all the personnel who will perform progressively more and more supervision tasks and interpretation of the data coming out from all the displays and modern info systems, open up the need to raise the competencies of entire crews and technical staff in order to adapt  to this new reality, which already present at some extend and will be the new reality very soon.

Today the focus of IBC Paper Training is the implementation of solutions, supporting customers to raise their people competencies of the pulp and paper production, in order to answer to this increasing demand to have right from the operation level personnel with the competencies  to analyse problem root cause, implement trouble shooting and putting forward continuous improvement, all  impact on the bottom line profitability and will contribute to increase the competitiveness and sustainability overtime.