SCA starts the forest adventure “Kalla Champs” with Charlotte Kalla

SCA is now launching the forest adventure “Kalla Champs” for children and young people together with ski star Charlotte Kalla. The aim is to get more children and young people out into the forest and nature in a playful and fun way. The initiative is based on the belief in the force of the forest and its positive impact on health.

Sports teams from all over Sweden, with youngsters 10-13 years, can participate by contributing their best training tips from the forest. Four teams will be selected by a jury and move on to the final competition “Kalla Champs” in Sundsvall in May 2020. There, the team will meet in an exciting environment, led by Charlotte Kalla, where for exemple fighting glow and team spirit will be the key to success. In addition to the honor, the winning team will receive SEK 30,000 to their sport team.

“We think about the forest in everything we do, and it really feels good to invest in the forest adventure “Kalla Champs” together with Charlotte Kalla. We are both driven by the force of the forest and now hope to inspire more people to take advantage of everything that nature and the forest offer”, says Johanna Gbenplay, brand manager at SCA.

Charlotte Kalla has always had a close relationship with nature as she often works out there and calls the forest her office. Now she wants the competition to inspire more children and youth teams to see the forest as a place for both training and relaxing.

“I know how good I feel to be in the nature, it’s my workplace. It is not only a place where I can move, it is also a place to relax and find peace. Studies show that an increasing number of people suffer from, for example, stress, depression and mental illness, especially children. This is a something I care about and why it feels important to start this project. Hopefully, it will make more children and young people to find peace in nature and feel better”, says Charlotte Kalla.

About the competition

  • Clubs and sports teams in Sweden with children 10-13 years can participate.
  • The clubs and sports teams sign up for the competition by submitting their most inspirational and creative training tips from the forest via
  • Four teams are selected by a jury in March 2020.
  • The selected teams will meet in an exciting final competition in Sundsvall in May 9-10 2020, Competition leader is Charlotte Kalla
  • In addition to the honor, the winner of the “Kalla Champs” will also receive SEK 30,000 to their team. Other participating teams receive SEK 10,000 each to their team.