Pagora International Day « Skills & Innovation »

On Friday, November 22, 2019, after the Forum and before the Graduation, the Grenoble INP-Pagora engineering school and the LGP2 laboratory organize the Pagora International Day.
This event will bring together major international groups, SMEs/SMIs, microbusinesses, research laboratories, European industrial organizations and higher-education institutions. The day will be devoted to discovering, sharing and comparing international viewpoints and practices.
This year, Pagora International Day focuses on Skills & Innovation. The development of international skills is a growing area of interest for economic players and higher-education institutions. European and global R&D projects, international partners and customers, the relocation of services, the need to manage multicultural teams and the possibility of expatriation require employees to be more flexible, efficient and productive, while adapting to cultural and organisational peculiarities.
Aptitudes, skills, innovation What are we really talking about?
What are the latest trends? Are there models that perform well?
The first edition of Pagora International Day opens the debate on these topics with two round tables:
  • “Recruitment & Skills”: Recruiting executives in a competitive international professional environment. What are the current issues? Which skills the companies are looking for?
  • “Partnerships & Innovation”: Innovation and R&D. What are the relevant models of companies, higher-education institutions and labs partnerships?