BASF has recently introduced a new silicone wetting agent: Hydropalat® WE 3225, which combines excellent substrate wetting with pronounced defoaming performance.
Hydropalat® WE 3225 was created to fulfil the market demand for a wetting agent that would remove the need for an additional defoamer in a formulation. Customers can now have the freedom to add Hydropalat® WE 3225 without having to worry about the detrimental effects of foaming, such as air bubbles and pin-holes. In addition, Hydropalat® WE 3225 also offers the benefits of low VOC and low odor emissions.
Hydropalat® WE 3225 is designed for use in high-end water-based industrial and automotive coatings and especially wood coatings that require excellent wood grain accentuation. Its application can also be extended to printing ink applications.