Econet Group and Russian Ilim Group made a deal of a turnkey contract worth of 13 million euros of the new pulp factory in Ust-Ilimsk. Turnkey contract includes the design, implementation, and wastewater treatment machines of the wastewater treatment of the new pulp factory. The commissioning is in 2022.

The project is part of a billion dollar Big Ust-Ilimsk project, with which the capacity and production of Ilim Group is increased by over 600 000 tons yearly. With the investment Ilim Group is going to strengthen its leading position in Russia and produce 4,5 million tons of products yearly.

– We have collaborated with Ilim Group for years already and the deal shows that our knowhow and technology is trusted. Our machines are developed to last in challenging and arctic conditions. We manufacture our machines from acid-proof and stainless steel, so that they last in large temperature changes from +25 celcius to -45 celcius degrees of cold in Ust-Ilimsk and corrosive conditions. We pay attention especially to life cycle costs. This is second big order from Ilim Group this year, tells the CEO of Econet Group Lauri Leskinen.

– We have been satisfied in the collaboration with Econet Group and our expectations have been filled. We are sure that the expertise of Econet Group in water treatment helps in implementing the project, tells the project leader of the wastewater treatment plant modernization Aleksei Ababkov.

MBBR process will be implemented to the pulp factory. MBBR process is a biological wastewater treatment process, which is very suitable for pulp and paper factories. The solution produces less sludge than traditional activated sludge process, and Econet Group has long experience of treating water and wastewater of pulp and paper sectors.