Accurate consistency control at Papeleras del Arlanzón’s OCC line

Previously, Papeleras del Arlanzón in Burgos, Spain, did not have consistency measurements in their OCC pulper and refiner line. This caused consistency variation, and consistency control was not possible. Immediately after the latest generation Valmet Blade Consistency Measurement (Valmet SP) was launched, they installed measurements in their pulp circuit. Since then, operators have been able to achieve the right pulp consistency values and process quality and stability have improved in the PM2.

LocationBurgos, Spain
ChallengeHaving no consistency measurement or control in the OCC pulper caused consistency variation. Also, OCC refining did not have a measurement and SEC control was not possible.
SolutionTwo Valmet Blade Consistency Measurements (Valmet SP) installed in the pulp circuit
  • Easy startup
  • Accurate consistency control
  • Accurate, reliable, and maintenance-free measurement
  • Stable freeness after the refiner