Voith to be carbon neutral worldwide from 2022 onwards

From 2022 onwards, none of the Voith lo-cations around the world will leave a carbon footprint going forward. In this way, the Voith Group is making a significant contribution to climate protec-tion.

“As a global technology company, we consider the efficient use of re-sources and energy at all locations worldwide to be part of our entrepre-neurial responsibility. By combining economic principles with ecological commitment, we are not only making a contribution to climate protection but are at the same time creating quantifiable added value for our Com-pany,” explains Dr. Toralf Haag, President and CEO of the Voith Group.

With a view to implementing carbon neutrality quickly, Voith is going to switch to purchasing carbon-neutral electricity in the near future as well as offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions with compensation measures. At present, Voith already purchases one third of its electricity needs from re-newable resources (FY 2017/18: 35.4 %). The Company will gradually in-crease the share of renewable energies, both in its own generation and in its purchasing. Furthermore, Voith is going to invest five million euros each year in energy efficiency, including its locations’ own generation.

Increasing energy efficiency over the long term
Energy efficiency is a key lever in achieving carbon neutrality. In this re-spect, Voith is building on consistent environmental management. The Voith internal Ecological Business Management is making a contribution to improving energy and resource efficiency at all locations. Since 2011/12, Voith has already succeeded in saving 28 percent of the energy con-sumed, 27 percent of the volume of waste and 44 percent of fresh water (FY 18/19). Over the coming years, Voith intends to make targeted invest-ments totaling € 50 million into improving the energy efficiency of its own plant and buildings over the long term.

Today, Voith is already a leader in the field of sustainability
Of the 172 companies in the mechanical and plant engineering industry worldwide surveyed by the rating agency oekom research AG in 2017, Voith already belongs to the leading 20 percent with regard to sustainabil-ity activities. In the EcoVadis rating, Voith achieved Gold Status in 2018, making it one of the best five percent of the approximately 60,000 compa-nies assessed around the world.

Environmental protection also makes economic sense
Decarbonization not only makes a positive contribution to humankind and the environment but provides Voith with long-term economic benefits. Digi-talization of industry and climate protection are strategic focus areas for Voith. Climate change and digitalization are enormous challenges for the mechanical engineering industry but, at the same time, they provide im-mense opportunities. Over the longer term, Voith is adapting its own prod-uct portfolio to the decarbonization of industry and is simultaneously reduc-ing its own carbon footprint.
“We continue on from Voith’s traditions as a family-owned company based on our understanding of sustainability: the obligation to ecologically clean and fair actions, and to return a profit over the long term. This is not only good for the environment and society in general but also makes economic sense,” says Voith CEO Haag.

The technology group’s core business today already addresses the global megatrends of digitalization, decarbonization and the circular economy: in the refinement of hydropower, in resource-conserving papermaking, or the electrification of mobility. The objective is to further expand the sustainabil-ity portfolio and become a key player in the post-carbon industry of the dig-ital age.