Voith and Huawon strengthen their cooperation with the successful start-up of PM 16 for production of high-quality décor base papers

In mid-June, the leading full-line supplier Voith successfully commissioned the XcelLine PM 16 for Chinese paper manufacturer Huawon at the Ma’anshan site in Anhui Province. With the PM 16, Huawon will produce high-quality, environmentally friendly décor base paper and thus strengthen its market position at home and abroad.

The solutions supplied by Voith include key components for the BlueLine stock preparation system for virgin fiber, WEP, headbox, DuoShake DG and calender. The PM 16 already represents Huawon’s fifth follow-up order with Voith. Through the internal exchange of experience, valuable knowledge from the past could be transferred, further optimizing the design of the new paper machine and raising it to a higher level.

Dou Zhengliang, Chairman of Huawon, expressed his satisfaction with the successful start-up of PM 16.

The successful start-up of PM 16 has once again proven the reliable quality of Voith equipment and raises Huawon’s production capacity and scale to a new level. I would like to thank the employees of both companies for their trustful cooperation. Voith is a global technical leader in the field of specialty papers and has a wealth of experience. We will deepen cooperation with Voith and jointly develop new markets for specialty papers.
Dou Zhengliang, Chairman of Huawon
Huawon has achieved remarkable success in the field of décor papers with its outstanding innovation, excellent quality standards and first-class customer service. I would like to thank all the professionals for their contribution to this endeavor. We are confident that we can achieve more great successes together in the future and help Huawon become a leading national brand for world-class décor base papers.
Lin Carlos, Vice President Order Execution and Manufacturing at Voith Paper Asia
During the project, the Voith-Huawon team demonstrated deep mutual trust and shared expertise. Despite the challenges to global supply chains, the two companies coordinated flexibly and completed all tasks with dedication to enable the project to progress smoothly.