Valmet initiates its new long-term social responsibility program by supporting Save the Children to improve the education and wellbeing of children in Dungarpur, India

Valmet initiates a new long-term social responsibility program for the company. The key themes for the program are “Equal opportunities for wellbeing”, “Towards the future with science” and “Protecting the planet for next generations”.

As a first step in the program implementation, Valmet has signed a three-year agreement with Save the Children Finland to support their Child Sensitive Social Protection project in Dungarpur, India. Valmet donates EUR 50,000 annually for Save the Children’s project in increasing children’s school attendance and retention and improving the care for orphans and other vulnerable children. The project will reach altogether 24,000 children and adults. It is one of the “flagship projects” for Save the Children Finland with already good track record for accomplished improvements.

“Equal opportunities for wellbeing is one of the three themes in our social responsibility work. As a global company it is important for us to enhance human rights, including children’s rights, around the world, and we have been working successfully with Save the Children in the past, too. With this project we aim to provide long-term support for the education and wellbeing of Dungarpur’s children. Project’s location is also well matched with Valmet’s operations in India,” says Laura Puustjärvi, Head of Sustainability, Valmet.

Dungarpur is one of the least developed regions in Rajastan state. Infant mortality rate is higher than the national average, and a large number of children are malnourished and orphans. The use of child labor is very common, especially in primary production, and many children are dropping out of school.

“Our project in Dungarpur supports the most vulnerable children and their families. Our target is to increase their access to existing social protection programs and improve parents’ awareness on children’s education and wellbeing, which is one of the most efficient ways to prevent child labor and reduce malnutrition. Thanks to partners like Valmet, the impact of our work will be much more effective,” says Anne Haaranen, Director for International Programs at Save the Children Finland.

Save the Children Finland is a politically and religiously independent non-governmental organization founded in 1922, which fights for children’s rights in order to immediately and permanently improve children’s lives in Finland and all over the world. Save the Children Finland is part of the Save the Children organization, operating in over 100 countries. It’s vision is a world where every child has the right to live, to be protected, to develop and to participate. Read more: