Camera-based monitoring of stock activity and formation successfully in operation.

IBS Papertech GmbH, a member of the international technology leader IBS Paper Performance Group, has successfully completed the start-up of its monitoring systems for stock activity and formation at Cartiere Saci S.p.A. With ActivityVision and FlocVision, it is now possible to monitor and evaluate stock activity and formation online with the help of cameras and to analyze historical trends.

“The new camera systems in combination with the previously installed IBS iTABLE®, offer the ability to continuously analyze the sheet forming process and to optimize it immediately, if necessary,” say production managers at Cartiere Saci S.p.A.

Camera-based measuring of stock activity
A major advantage of paper production using Fourdrinier machines is the ability to visually monitor and evaluate sheet formation using certain indicators. One of these indicators is stock activity. With ActivityVision, the intensity of the stock activity is measured by using high-
resolution, high-speed cameras. An image analysis software trained with artificial intelligence evaluates an activity index number for each dewatering element, thus creating a holistic activity profile along the initial forming zone.

Camera-based formation monitoring.
The size and uniformity of the flocks in the sheet are determined by the sheet formation. FlocVision measures the formation along the paper machine and outputs a live/online trend. The system can consist of several camera positions along the machine, especially on separate layers in a multi-layer wire section. The fully integrated software allows operators to view formation and other monitoring and inspection views, directly from the operator room.