UPM Specialty Papers introduces the “LinerLoopTM compatible” label to help customers choose release papers that are designed for closed-loop recycling

Resonating with the ambitious EU regulatory targets for reducing waste, UPM Specialty Papers has introduced a new “LinerLoop compatible” label to promote closed loop recycling of release papers used in self-adhesive labels and tapes. Release papers carrying the label qualify for recycling in UPM LinerLoopTM, which is the first commercial-scale closed-loop recycling solution for silicone coated release papers.

Currently some 50% of used release papers and matrix materials are recycled in Europe, but it is estimated that only 15% are recycled back to release papers in a closed loop (source: CELAB, AWA). As a member of CELAB-Europe and AFERA, UPM Specialty Papers works towards increasing the share of closed-loop recycling.

“UPM Specialty Papers wants to inspire the self-adhesive label and tapes industry to recycle release papers, both by boosting collection and by promoting products that are designed for recycling. The new “LinerLoop compatible” label makes it easier for companies to identify release base papers that are designed for closed loop recycling,” highlights Jari Tamminen, Director, Growth Projects from UPM Specialty Papers.

Recycling silicone coated papers in a circular fashion is a technically demanding process. One factor, for instance, impacting closed-loop recycling is the shade of paper. As the typical shade of glassine used in label applications is white or some other light shade, recycling darker coloured glassine grades in the same stream would contaminate the recycled pulp. Therefore, CELAB in its latest position letter requested all producers and users of paper release liners to choose – for the sake of recycling – white or lightly tinted paper release liners.

Papers carrying the LinerLoop compatible label qualify for recycling in UPM’s circular recycling solution UPM LinerLoop, by meeting the following criteria:

  • Only siliconized paper-based release liners (no plastic films, or PE-coated papers)
  • Shade of paper white or light yellow
  • Free from adhesive and labels
  • Free from cores
  • Food contact safety registered according to BfR and FDA regulation in original end use
  • Can be collected a reasonable distance from UPM’s recycling plant in Europe

Read more about UPM LinerLoop and the LinerLoop compatible on upmspecialtypapers.com