Tissue & Paper Bangkok 2022 officially inaugurated today by Presidents of the ASEAN and Thai pulp & paper industry associations

Tissue & Paper Bangkok 2022 has vigorously been kicked-started as the world’s leading manufacturers in paper, pulp, packaging, tissue and sequential product industries coming together to join this event. It has been revealed that the tendency of Thailand and Asian Paper Industries has gotten the great potential for both user and manufacturer sides with the continuous growth and expansion after European manufacturers have been facing the material shortage problem deriving from Russia – Ukraine war.

Additionally, the Chairman of the Federation of ASEAN Pulp and Paper Industries (FAPPI) was very pleased with Thailand for organizing the great Tissue & Paper Bangkok 2022 for the first time ever and advised all stakeholders in paper industry and interested people not to miss this event.

Mr Kyaw Min, Chairman, Federation of ASEAN Pulp and Paper Industries (FAPPI) said about the tendency of the world’s paper and pulp industries that they have been expanding and growing in every region especially in Asia Pacific Group; considered the top of the world following North America for the time being. Since now European manufacturers have been facing the problems of the pulp material shortage and pricy material deriving from Russia – Ukraine War, this causes many manufacturers to import the pulp materials from Asia in greater number, which drives the region’s paper and pulp industries to expand and gain more recognition in the regional and world-class levels very well.

Therefore, the arrangement of Tissue & Paper Bangkok 2022 is considered very important for paper industry of both ASEAN and World’s paper industry. This could be proved when manufacturers from the top leading companies in every sector of paper and pulp industries come together to join the exhibition and attend this event. Even though this is the first time ever event arranged in Thailand, it gains very well success, which FAPPI has given the full support for this event, while the significant general meeting of its members shall be arranged in this event as well. This would be the great opportunities for entrepreneurs and interested people in paper industry to attend this Tissue & Paper Bangkok 2022.

Mr Wachara Chinsettawong, President, The Thai Pulp and Paper Industries Association (TPPIA) said about the role of Thai paper and pulp industries that Thailand is considered to have high capacity for this industry because there are a few countries in the world that have capacity for comprehensive manufacturing from the upstream to downstream, starting from the forestation for material supply, paper pulp manufacturing, paper, and paper sequential product manufacturing. The arrangement of Tissue & Paper Bangkok 2022 would be a key mechanism to support and promote Thai paper and pulp industries to the world stage and a good opportunity to show the capacity of Thai entrepreneurs for being ready not only to take role in the country’s major foundation industries, but also to take part to support and promote the growth of other industries in regional and world-class levels.

In addition to the support and collaboration for this event, TPPIA shall setup booth in the event to demonstrate the capacity of Thai paper and pulp industries and readiness of Thai entrepreneurs as well as showcase TPPIA members’ products. Besides, TPPIA shall join the significant seminar of Chief Executive

Officers in paper and pulp industries as “Senior Management Symposium” and “Technical Seminar” by the experts from foreign countries, which shall be opened for interested people to attend as well.

In addition to the event itinerary, Mr Patrapee Chinachoti Co-Chairman, Informa Markets – Thailand said that Tissue & Paper Bangkok 2022 is organized to combine 2 major events together as ‘Asian Paper’ and ‘Tissue World Bangkok’, which have been long organizing in Europe, Asia and America. The objective of this event is to focus on building up a strong future and sustainable growth for paper and pulp industries and other related industries in ASIA Pacific, while this event shall be set as a hub for manufacturers, suppliers and entrepreneurs in paper and pulp industries to meet, exchange knowledge and setup the table top session both in the event venue and via B2B business platform in order to create business opportunity and link up every sector of paper and pulp industries together.

For the exhibitions in this event, it aims to showcase, support, promote, inspire in term of machinery technology innovation and state of the art process, meet and exchange knowledge with the world’s entrepreneurs, follow up the trend of paper and pulp industries in the future, as well as create the business operation with sustainable and eco-friendly growth together.