The Iberpapel Group launches a new line of verified carbon neutral products in line with the forthcoming European Anti-Greenwashing Directive

The Iberpapel Group reinforces its commitment to sustainability by offering a part of its output as CO2-neutral paper. A carbon-neutral product is one that has neutralised all emissions in the process, spanning all phases until it reaches the customer.

This project is in line with the new directive approved by the European Parliament on 17 January, which will have to be transposed into the member states’ national legislation in the coming months. The directive aims to make environmental product claims reliable, comparable and verifiable throughout EU, and will help consumers make purchasing decisions aligned with a circular, sustainable economy.

Greenwashing consists of making inaccurate or even false claims about the ecological properties of products or services so as to attract consumer attention. Iberpapel’s new product is ahead of the new standard, as it is based on official certification schemes for carbon footprint calculation and neutrality, thanks to certificates obtained by the company DNV, which is an independent party in the process.

This directive is intended to make product labelling clearer and more reliable. The legislation will prohibit generic claims about the environmental qualities of products without evidence to prove them, such as “environmentally friendly”, “natural”, “biodegradable”, “climate neutral” or “eco”, and will regulate the use of sustainability labels, which must be based on official certification schemes, while seals must be backed by independent third-party certification.

Iberpapel’s procedures include calculating CO2 capture through the afforestation of degraded soils, where a silvopastoral system has been applied, including forest plantations for carbon sequestration. This method was presented to the UNFCCC Meth Panel and was the first consolidated approach to degraded soils to be approved by the United Nations.