The 2030 agenda explained to children: the 9th edition of “mi curo di te” (i’ll take care of you), the environmental education project promoted by Regina (Sofidel group) and WWF Italia, has kicked off

Guided by their teachers, children, and young people from primary and secondary schools, together with their families, will go on a discovery tour of a resource which is fundamental to life on Earth: WATER. Registration to participate in Mi Curo di Te is now open.

Following the success of the 2021/2022 edition, which saw the participation of more than 12,500 classes and 276,000 students throughout Italy, registration is now
open for the new edition of “
Mi Curo di Te (I’ll Take Care of You), the free environmental education program promoted by WWF Italia and Regina (Sofidel Group) targeting primary and secondary schools to discover our Planet and learn how to behave appropriately in a manner that can be good for the environment and society.

The project aims to make the new generations aware of the connections between everyday actions and major global phenomena, stimulating curiosity and motivating the adoption of sustainable behavior. Plus, with an exceptional mascot: Milla, the ant that stars in the Regina Cartacamomilla toilet paper
commercials. Building on the knowledge of the UN 2030 Agenda, the ninth edition of “Mi Curo di Te will lead children and young people to discuss the topic of water and plastic pollution.

This years program tells how indispensable water is to life on Earth and delves into its natural cycle, creating awareness of why water, despite being a renewable resource, is increasingly precious today. It also gives a snapshot of the health of the seas, oceans, rivers, and lakes, which are increasingly at risk from plastic pollution, suggesting good practices that each of us can adopt every day for responsible water use. Finally, it proposes a focus on those who, like Regina and the Sofidel Group, produce paper by committing to manage water resources carefully and reduce the use of conventional plastic in their product packaging.

To participate, teachers can download from the dedicated website (in Italian) the teaching kit with interactive games, fact sheets and digital quizzes to introduce the topic of water to the class and organize handson activities. At the end of the course, students will unleash their creativity to enter the contest with many prizes up for grabs.

In addition to a supply of Regina products and access to the education portal OnePlanetSchool (WWF Italias platform for learning, knowledge and the active conservation of nature), awarded schools will receive €1,000, €600 and €400 shopping vouchers for the purchase of educational materials.
Winners will be notified on by 12 May 2023. Help from families and friends who can in turn sign up for the program and participate in quizzes and surveys available on the portal can also be mobilized to accumulate points.

Elena Faccio, Sofidel Creative, Communication & CSR Director, commented on the initiative, “I am happy to renew again, this year, “Mi Curo di Te,” a project we care a lot about and through which Sofidel and Regina, together with WWF Italia, demonstrate their concrete commitment to the education of the younger generations. It is an important educational path, which allows us to make a contribution to the growth of environmentally friendly young people, to make them aware of their active role in protecting the Planet and how they can be a virtuous example for the older generations as well.”

Maria Antonietta Quadrelli, education manager at WWF Italia, said, “Mi Curo di Te is now a regular project that has accompanied young people and teachers in Italian schools for nine years. We firmly believe that teachers and families are instrumental in educating children and the youth on how to inhabit the world in a new way. We can and must provide them with the appropriate tools, so that they can be real multipliers of their learning for their community, starting with the involvement of their families and friends.”

The project is developed to integrate with the new Italian ministerial guidelines for teaching Civic Education, a compulsory discipline that revolves around three primary areas: Digital Citizenship, the Constitution, and Sustainability. Launched in 2014, “Mi Curo di Te” has involved more than 655,000 children and young people who, together with SofidelRegina and WWF Italia, have been able to understand, study and express their creativity on the urgent and priority issue of safeguarding the Planet.

All information is available at (in Italian).