The 19th Paper Expo China will be held in Guangzhou next June

Since 2004, with over 20 years of development and innovation, the 19th International Pulp & Paper Industry Expo-China, also known as Paper Expo China, has expanded to encompass a wide range of fields. These include machinery for pulp production, papermaking chemicals, cultural paper, packaging paper, printing paper, industrial paper, specialty paper, and paper substitutes for plastic, among others. The event will feature 1,600 exhibitors and is expected to draw 160,000 professional buyers from both China and abroad, with high-end buyers accounting for 15% from regions such as Southeast Asia, Russia, India, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the United States. The Expo aims to bring together distributors, paper users, paper packaging enterprises, paper manufacturers, and designers from around the world to create a comprehensive procurement platform, making it the premier international trade platform for similar events.

Notable features of Paper Expo China 2024 include:

  • Assisting enterprises in accessing the world’s largest paper and printing production and consumption market – the Chinese market.
  • Benefitting from favorable policies: As of 2023, several paper types, primarily double-glue paper, coated paper, white paperboard, recycled boxboard paper, and corrugated base paper, have incurred zero tariffs, facilitating foreign paper entry into the Chinese market.
  • Simultaneous hosting of the 2024 Paper-Making Equipment and Paper Purchasing Meeting, providing direct order opportunities.
  • Concurrently holding the “2023 The 6th Paper Industry Seminar of China Ten Provinces (Areas)” to foster exchanges and collaborations with key Chinese paper enterprises.
  • Offering one-to-one VIP buyer invitation services to connect with important customers and enhance product or service visibility.

Exhibit categories encompass the entire pulp and paper industry, including pulp and paper machinery, related accessories, and auxiliary equipment, as well as paper chemicals such as papermaking enzymes, biotechnology, and various water treatment agents. Additionally, there are various paper types for printing, packaging, culture, industrial applications, and specialty purposes. The event also highlights environmentally friendly paper products and materials, including fully degradable paper-plastic composites, thus covering the entire upstream and downstream paper industry chain.

Exhibitors are encouraged to contact Mr. Zhang at [email protected]

Visitors can already register here .