TAPPICon 2024 and 16th Advanced Coating Symposium: Call for Papers Now Open

TAPPI has announced that TAPPICon 2024 and the 16th Advanced Coating Symposium have opened their Call for Papers. Industry experts, researchers, and innovators are invited to submit abstracts to present their groundbreaking work and insights at these two prestigious events.

TAPPICon 2024

TAPPICon, April 28 – May, 1, 2024 in Cleveland, Ohio, is known as the premier technical conference for the paper, packaging, and tissue industries. The conference’s theme, “Rock the Roll! Unleashing the Harmonies of the Paper Industry,” reflects the dynamic nature of the industry and the exciting innovations that are transforming it.

Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with peers, learn from thought leaders and explore cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of the industry. TAPPI invites experts and visionaries to contribute their knowledge by submitting abstracts for presentation. The deadline for TAPPICon 2024 abstract submissions is November 10, 2023. Abstracts should be submitted to TAPPI’s Speaker Management System.

Abstracts are sought for topics within the following eight program tracks: 

  • Coating, Printing and Surface Enhancements
  • Papermaking Additives
  • Papermaking Fundamentals
  • Papermaking Technology and Operations
  • PIMA Management
  • Process Control
  • Recycled Paperboard
  • Tissue

Learn more about suggested topics within each track.

16th Advanced Coating Symposium (ACS)

Preceding TAPPICon 2024, the 16th Advanced Coating Symposium will be held on April 27 – 28, 2024 in Cleveland, Ohio.  This Symposium is a unique platform dedicated to coating and surface treatment advancements within the pulp and paper industry. Abstracts are now being accepting for presentation at the Symposium. The deadline for ACS 2024 abstract submissions is November 11, 2023. Abstracts should be submitted to TAPPI’s Speaker Management System.

 Abstracts are sought on topics within the following areas:

  • Advanced understanding of paper requirements (including surface characterization)
  • Advanced understanding of paper & board coating processes and structures
  • Sustainability: Advances at the forefront

 Learn more about specific topics within each area.

Both events provide an exceptional opportunity for industry professionals to showcase their research, share insights, and engage in discussion with colleagues, further contributing to the advancement of the pulp and paper sector.

For questions about TAPPICon 2024 and the 16th Advance Coating Symposium, please visit TAPPICon.com and TAPPIAdvancedCoating.org or contact Tyler Mast, TAPPI Division Manager.