Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd, India appoints BTG as consulting partner for their Industry 4.0 Roadmap Development

Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd, India (TNPL) through a public tender has appointed BTG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Voith, as a consulting partner to assist with the Industry 4.0 roadmap development for their Units 1 & 2.

This roadmap project will provide a set of methodical and scientific steps as part of a larger theme of sustainable continuous improvement thanks to digitalization.
BTG’s grounded approach to digitalization encompasses specific Pulp & Paper capability, knowledge and experience which will simplify the adoption process and carve out a customized roadmap for TNPL. The deliverables include providing a prioritized list of Industry 4.0 projects for Unit 1, Unit 2 and Head Office spread over the next few years. The comprehensive roadmap will provide information on the required infrastructure needs, estimated cost and potential benefits. The project will involve the BTG local and global digital teams, working together with TNPL to understand their specific objectives, situation, direction and constraints.

In addition to fulfilling the digitalization goals, the efforts will be focused on making the journey commercially attractive by phasing and combining the foundation building initiatives with projects that deliver economic and environmental benefits as well as product quality improvement.

“TNPL, by partnering with BTG, is hopeful of achieving superior business performance with the required integration of ITOT platform, in their digital Journey” as per Mr. SVR Krishnan, Executive Director Operations of TNPL, India.

“BTG is excited to partner with TNPL team in chalking out a profitable and integrated digitalization pathway that provides a millwide optimization plan as an ultimate goal. Our indepth audits across the mill sites will unravel the missing foundation stones of data infrastructure, process measurements, process control capability and unit operations balancing. We look forward to providing TNPL an integrated roadmap that is grounded, profitable and practically executable for sustainable benefits”, says Akhlesh Mathur, Head of Business South Asia & Southeast Asia for BTG group.