Successful start-up of PM 6 of Shanxi Qiangwei Paper in Jinzhong

At the beginning of June, the XcelLine PM 6 supplied by Voith was successfully started up at the Jinzhong site in the central Chinese province of Shanxi by the paper manufacturer Shanxi Qiangwei Paper. As the leading full-line supplier, Voith delivered the entire production line. The machine has a wire width of 7 m, a design speed of 1,200 m/min and produces plasterboard liner and containerboard with a basis weight of 90 to 160 gsm. An annual production of over 300,000 tons is possible. Voith’s latest solutions enable highly efficient, resource-saving and sustainable production.Thanks to the joint efforts and cooperation of the Voith and Shanxi Qiangwei Paper teams, a fast installation and start-up of the entire line was achieved. The PM 6 has a high degree of automation, and the paper features a low tensile ratio, excellent surface quality and uniformity, as well as high breaking and folding strength. The dryness after press is also very high, which leads to low specific steam consumption. The first paper web has thus fully achieved the customer´s expected quality level.

Latest technologies for optimum results
As the leading full-line supplier, Voith supplied the entire XcelLine paper machine. The customer-oriented concept is especially designed for maximum efficiency, robustness and sustainability. After Voith had cooperated very successfully with Shanxi Qiangwei Paper on the key equipment for PM 5, the papermaker had ordered the supply of the entire PM 6 from Voith. Voith’s advanced technologies and concepts will help Shanxi Qiangwei Paper to secure its leading position in the plasterboard industry and further expand its market share in the packaging paper industry. Thus, a positive contribution can be made to the development of the surrounding region and the economy of Shanxi.

The full-line supplier Voith delivered two highly efficient MasterJet Pro headboxes, a Tandem NipcoFlex press section and a CombiDuoRun dryer section including hood and machine air system. Optimum paper properties are ensured by a SpeedSizer AT and an EcoCal Hard calender. The reliable MasterReel reeling concept, including parent roll handling system and discfilters for fiber recovery, is used for smooth production. Shanxi Qiangwei also relies on the latest automation solutions from the Voith Papermaking 4.0 portfolio to achieve additional efficiency increases and cost reductions. A control and information system (DCS) as well as the quality management system (QCS) OnQuality are integrated in the plant.

Successful cooperation between Voith and Shanxi Qiangwei
To ensure a smooth start-up of the paper machine, both sides worked closely together throughout the project.

With the challenges posed by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Voith worked with a high degree of flexibility and in close cooperation with Shanxi Qiangwei to ensure an optimal start-up of PM 6. In the future, we will continue to provide comprehensive services for PM 6 throughout its life cycle with our technical expertise and take further steps together with Shanxi Qiangwei Paper.
Lin Jiangbo, Vice President Order Execution at Voith Paper Asia