Solenis’ OPTIX™ Applied Intelligence Receives Highest ATIP Innovation Award from the French Paper Industry Technical Association

Solenis is honored to have been selected as the Gold award winner for this year’s prestigious ATIP Innovation Award for its OPTIX™ Applied Intelligence. The award was given by the French Paper Industry Technical Association (ATIP). The innovation contest was arranged in connection with the ATIP Conference and Exhibition in Lille, France on November 26-27, 2019.

Solenis’ OPTIX Applied Intelligence is a novel adaptive paper mill analytics platform that uses the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities available today.The secure, cloud-based tool utilizes process data, lab measurements and paper making process knowledge to turn complex, multidimensional relationships into a real-time, adaptive “soft sensor.” Unlike other data analytics tools, OPTIX does not require time-consuming data interpretation but instead provides a real-time, calculated value for critical quality parameters. Predictive analytics,supported by machine learning,provides robust quality measures that remain accurate even with changing machine conditions and enables a step change improvement in paper mill optimization not previously feasible.

The ATIP Innovation Award rewards new process improvement technologies for the pulp and paper industry. The award is highly regarded among the European pulp and paper industry,and is divided into three categories: Gold -Palme d’Or, Silver -Palme d’Argent and Bronze -Palme de Bronze. The ATIP Innovation Award winners are selected by a committee consisting of paper mill managers, R&D directors, technology directors and production managers from the French paper industry.