SOFIDEL presents “We, SOFIDEL. Food Stories. The Dishes That Tell Our Story”

Brambilla and Serrani have created the Sofidel 2024 calendar, a celebration of the sharing and coming together that every cooking story brings.

This year, once again, Sofidel people are the protagonists of the corporate calendar of the tissue paper Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tissue
paper for hygienic and domestic use, particularly well-known for its Regina brand. The 2024 edition – We, Sofidel. Food Stories. The Dishes that Tell our Story – is all about cooking and celebrating the sharing and coming together that each dish brings.

Francesca Brambilla and Serena Serrani – among the most distinguished interpreters of food photography in Italy, official photographers of “Identità Golose” and winners of numerous awards including the “2017 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year” – portrayed the Group’s people, one from each of the 13 countries around the world where the company operates. The backdrop this time was the kitchen of a typical Tuscan estate, which for two days became a theater for gastronomic experimentation. It was a place for people of different cultures but with a common interest in the culinary arts to meet and exchange ideas.

Here is Luciano, who, in the best Italian tradition, is finishing off spaghetti in a pan with tomato sauce. Kilian, from France, and Enya from Belgium, are busy shaping the typical Cantucci with almonds. Or again, Adenike from the U.S. is dealing with the preparation of gnocchi. The colors are bright and the light is clear and soft, enhancing the naturalness and spontaneity of a day spent in company, and there is the amused amazement of those who try their hand at preparing dishes they have never made before. Brambilla and Serrani wanted to capture 13 unique moments during a two-day event of sharing and discussion, representative of the values of a community spirit, one which is at the heart of Sofidel’s corporate culture.

lena Faccio, Group Creative & Communication Director of Sofidel explained: “With this calendar we want to celebrate the value of sharing and coming together that every cooking story brings. Onceagain, the true stars are our people. They are people from different countries and cultures who, together, have made and continue to make Sofidel a multinational company with founding values of sustainability, integrity, and mutual respect.”