Södra : Our latest campaign pays tribute to sustainability

It’s fronted by Sales Director, Maria Staxhammar, who explains why she was delighted to take part:

“Södra’s entire business model is based on the forest and its relationship with its members. Their values encompass more than commerce. For Södra’s forest owners, it’s about passing their estate down from one family to another, nurturing the forest to hand to the next generation, and producing sustainable, innovative products from their forest for other families to use.

“Södra is all about making the most of every part of the tree while seeking to preserve and grow the forest for the future, and I love that. Everyone here is passionate about the potential of wood and understands that a sustainable forestry model is at the core of the business.

“Sustainability is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have and we see that reflected in conversations with customers, whether it’s about new offerings such as Conscious Delivery, working together to reach Science-Based Targets, or how we will deal with new legislation. Everyone is aware that climate change must be tackled together, and this is heralding better communication within the value chain which can only be a good thing.

“Within Södra, communication between departments is growing too, as part of the Södra Together concept. We now work much more closely with Innovation and the Sustainability department for example. We are always striving to see how much further we can take our innovation and development. While pulp for paper and textiles remains our core business within Cell, our range of bioproducts continues to expand and grow market share. R&D never stops working, and that gives me energy.”