Saica Group launches a new circular approach project by designing two paper collection boxes for Lyreco

Saica Group is proud to have participated in Lyreco & Fellowes’ project to encourage their customers to adopt a circular approach.

Indeed, Lyreco has developed a new offer, in collaboration with Saica Natur France, which recovers waste, and Saica Pack France and its sites in Doullens and Montsûrs, which manufactures collection bins.

Through this collaboration, two new boxes were created: an individual office box and a collective container. Made out of cardboard, they are designed to collect used paper such as newspapers, catalogs, paper and cardboard.

The recovered material is then used to manufacture recycled paper and cardboard recycling bins, as well as Lyreco archive boxes based on the standards defined by Lyreco and Fellowes.

These boxes are 100% made of recycled materials, recyclable and made in France, and provide a maximum filling of 70 L, or 24 kg of collected material.

Delivered in a flat package and meant to be consumer-mounted, this lightweight box is stiffened and can hence stand the test of time. On the back of the box, you will find the assembly instructions, which make it quick and easy and guide users during this first setup stage. A video tutorial is accessible through a QR code printed on the box. Once the box is filled, its locking system makes it inviolable.

This achievement is a tell-tale example of Saica’s 360° waste recovery offer, and reflects the eco-friendly commitment of these two groups with shared values: “We Care, We Value, We Challenge”. With this new life given to paper, the loop is closed, and the impact of companies on the environment is limited.