Runtech Systems will join ABTCP exhibition in São Paulo

Runtech Systems will join ABTCP – the 54th International Pulp & Paper Congress and Exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil. The event takes place in Transamerica Expo Center on October 4-6, 2022.

Fit-for-purpose vacuum system and efficient doctoring and dewatering solutions for forming and drying sections are the fundamental base for the good energy efficiency and low cost for paper, board, tissue and pulp production. Environmentally friendly and energy efficient RunEco provides a reliable, completely water-free vacuum solution that is ideal for the paper industry applications.

Together with Nash, another Ingersoll Rand brand, we are the only company that can supply both liquid ring pumps (LRP) and dry vacuum systems, or a combination of them, for a so-called hybrid system. In addition, we offer doctors and save-alls, making our offering complete for paper machine dewatering. With this unique portfolio, we can always find a perfect fit for our customer’s demands, needs and budget. With the experience of thousands of audits and studies at paper mills, we are able to benchmark the effectiveness of existing vacuum systems, dewatering equipment, suction elements, fabrics and felts. This experience and expertise allows us to work with our customers, help them get the most out of their papermaking process and vacuum systems – and ensure they achieve both their operational and process goals.

In addition to vacuum solutions, we can give you insight about dewatering, cleaning and runnability and tail threading solutions. Tailor-made solution RunDry significantly improves dewatering, doctoring and cleaning processes leading to increased dryness after press section, measurable savings and enhanced productivity. Runnability orientated RunPro offers web stabilizing, machine geometry modifications and ropeless tail threading to eliminate runnability problems and to ensure fluent paper making process.


Meet Runtech Systems together with our partners in South America at ABTCP booth no. 91.