Runtech Systems delivers ropeless tail threading to Munksjo Caieiras Ltda, Brazil

Runtech delivers a ropeless tail threading systems to Munksjo Caieiras Ltda, Brazil. The delivery includes Runshooter technology with detailed engineering and startup support. With the upgrade Caieiras targets more fluent and faster tail threading and improved operator safety.

“Safety issues are getting more and more important in Brazilian markets as well as everywhere else. With our ropeless tail threading system Munksjo is not only lowering significantly risk of injuries, but at the same time increasing efficiency on paper machine by reduced downtime,” says Lari Lampila, Sales and Aftermarket Manager, Runtech Systems.

Runtech Systems’ ropeless tail threading technology provides numerous benefits. It improves operator safety significantly while also shortening tail threading time during web breaks by up to 80% to increase production. In many cases, the technology enables mills to increase machine speed, which would not be possible with manual tail threading without risking operator safety. Also, thanks to the automated process, operators can focus on other tasks. All these benefits are reflected in a short payback time