Runtech supplies two vacuum systems to Hubei Xianhe New Materials Co., Ltd, China

Runtech Systems will supply vacuum systems to Hubei Xianhe New Materials Co., Ltd, PM1 and PM2 in China. Both systems comprise of a RunEco EP600 Turbo Blower, concrete parts for EcoDrop water separator and a Nash liquid ring pump. PM1 and PM2 are 300 t/day décor paper machines with a speed of 1,000 m/min and a paper width of 3,860 mm. The installation is expected to be completed during the second half of 2023.

“Our turbo blower technology has proved its reliability. One of the reasons for choosing us as the vacuum system supplier is the satisfaction of our customer’s partner company, Kingdecor. Kingdecor is very happy with the results of our systems at their mills,” says Wen Le, Site Manager, Runtech Systems.

“Our portfolio is really unique for paper machine dewatering and vacuum systems. A typical Runtech RunEco vacuum system consists of several smaller size turbo blowers, but we can also offer both dry turbo blower and liquid ring technology to form a combination of both technologies – a hybrid system. This allows us to always find the best fit solution to the customer’s needs,” says Hannu Kääriä, Sales Director, Asia-Pacific, Runtech Systems.

EP Turbo Blowers are variable speed and variable capacity blowers that are economical to own and operate. With 1,000 units sold, they offer a proven, energy-efficient, completely water-free vacuum solution with significant heat recovery potential for paper, board and tissue machines. Nash is the leading manufacturer of liquid ring vacuum pumps, compressors, and engineered-to-order systems with more than 100 years of experience and an extensive installed base. With its solution portfolio, Runtech Systems can provide optimal solution for all paper mills, from service and rebuilds to completely new papermaking lines. Runtech Systems and Nash are both part of Ingersoll Rand.