Revolutionizing Fuel Analysis for Pulp and Paper mills: Heat Management’s Newest Tech Acquisition

The Acospector takes a whole new approach on process optimization and fuel analysis. With various software packages the impossible has become possible with this technology that enables analysis that can help users to avoid unwanted process modes. Wave Impact Heat Management AB and The Packaging Greenhouse AB has in a joint venture strategically acquired the technology to expand their portfolio, to offer their respective customer bases optimized operations.

What is the Acospector?

The groundbreaking technology was developed by Acosense, renowned for their expertise in fuel analysis. Although the company is no longer in operation, Heat Management sees the immense value of the past flagship product of Acosense.

The hardware is installed on the customers pipes where the fuel is passing through. With unprecedented non-disruption to the customers production cycle. The solution does not require any boiler shutdown to be installed and commissioned, it seamlessly integrates in the customers infrastructure. Through acoustic signals, measurements are collected that is later analysed within a calculation unit. That information in turn gets sent to the customers DCS system where it can be used for process control, evaluation, and optimization.

There has been a need for a tool that can accurately measure data while not having to interrupt the work-process of the mill. Since it is continuously measuring the users fuel properties, the user does not have to rely on lab results that only measures the fuel at a very specific time. On top of this, the Acospector does not need any maintenance.

” There is a difference with getting a continuous signal compared to solely relying on lab results” – Previous customer to Acosense

What does the future hold for fuel analysis?

The technology has been and will continue to be targeted to the pulp and paper industry, utilizing fuels like black and red liquor. The ambition however following the recent acquisition is to develop possibilities to implement the system in plants with power boilers in the future.

Heat Management and The Packaging Greenhouse are excited about the expansion of each of their respective portfolio. We empower our customers to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and optimization. That is also why developing the technology will be the main focus for the moment.

Since we at Heat Management see ourselves as innovators, the Acospector is a fitting addition to our solutions arsenal. It integrates perfectly with the rest of our solutions, being tailored to the customers’ needs. A mill should not have to only rely on making decisions based on previous experiences and gut-feelings.