Reduce your Press Fabric Break-In Time: Go Nitro™ !

Discover Nitro, an innovative breakthrough shaping the future of press fabrics!

Meticulously crafted in the cutting-edge R&D Labs of AstenJohnson, Nitro stands apart with its excellent uniformity of application, predictability and repeatability.  In contrast to conventional methods, Nitro redefines the standard by integrating within needling process to enhance capillarity.  It accelerates press fabric saturation efficiently, ensuring optimal execution during startup.

In addition, Nitro’s eco-friendly approach minimizes environmental impact.  Its quality consistency requires less resources and energy, which aligns with AstenJohnson’s dedication to sustainable practices without compromising performance.

Experience the cutting-edge technology that redefines industry standards and underscores AstenJohnson’s leadership in innovation and environmental responsibility.

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