PulPaper 2021 to present concrete biosolutions of the future

PulPaper, a leading international event of the forest industry, to be held in Helsinki, Finland, next spring, will highlight the innovations and future opportunities of the bioeconomy. The event, to be held on the theme of “Building tomorrow’s bioeconomy”, emphasises the diversity of the forest bioeconomy and presents concrete applications and products. PulPaper will be held from 27 to 29 April 2021 at Messukeskus in Helsinki.

PulPaper will bring together the world’s best forest-industry experts in Helsinki next spring. The event is a global meeting place and an opportunity to gain a comprehensive introduction to the latest forest-industry technology. In addition to the trade fair, PulPaper includes a high-profile conference and related events, an evening programme, and excursions to Finnish industrial and research facilities. More than half of the trade fair area has already been reserved, with approximately 400 companies expected to participate. The event was previously held in 2018, attracting more than 9,200 visitors.

After the current global emergency, it is important to look to the future. PulPaper’s programmes emphasise sustainability and the environmental perspective, as operating responsibly is a common goal for all actors in the industry. PulPaper’s theme “Building tomorrow’s bioeconomy” looks at economic reconstruction in a sustainable way. Environmental issues will become increasingly important in the future, and they will be strongly linked to the debate on the circular economy, CO2 emissions, energy conservation, and efficiency. These themes are of particular interest in the context of factories, as lower consumption means lower costs and better profitability.

“Companies in the forest-based industry are capable of offering many concrete solutions and technologies to address global challenges. Next spring, it is important for us to look ahead and offer companies the opportunity to present these great solutions for building a sustainable future”, explains Antti Lindqvist, the Managing Director of the Forest Products Engineers.

The conference will offer perspectives on the forest bioeconomy both at the strategic level and by using concrete examples. The perspectives of the industry and factories relate to, among other things, the opportunities offered by IT and automation, safety and efficiency and effectiveness. At the strategy level, the topics to be addressed are the environment and sustainability, new bioproducts, and packaging solutions. What these programmes have in common is that they discuss products and solutions that are a reality today, not tomorrow’s promises.

PulPaper will be held concurrently with the top-level chemistry and biotechnology event ChemBio Finland, and the international chemistry conference Helsinki Chemicals Forum. The events will bring together companies and specialists from different areas of the process industry. The concurrent events at Messukeskus bring synergy benefits to both visitors and companies in the field.