Pulp & Beyond Conference in Helsinki showcases the future of bio-materials and industry decarbonization

What do a wash basin, a battery, a piece of clothing, and a jar of moisturizer have in common? Attendees of Pulp & Beyond in Helsinki this week know the answer. Each of these everyday products either currently is or could soon be made from fiber-based materials. The potential for applications in bio-materials derived from wood, cellulose, and lignin appears to be endless, as highlighted in various presentations throughout the conference.

In addition to this, the challenges of decarbonizing the industry are also widely discussed, alongside the efficiency of processes in terms of optimizing resource usage and recyclability.

This biennial event is experiencing significant success this year in terms of attendance.

For this edition, the exhibition hall features an innovative layout designed to provide excellent visibility for all exhibitors through its original floorplan.

The Forest Bioeconomy Start-up Competition is another novelty. The nominees are Fiberbom Oy (Pulp based single use cutlery), Carboreal Oy (Carbon offset solutions), Aisti Oy (acoustic tile). The winner will be granted a 10 000 Euros prize funded by the Finnish Fair Foundation.

On the social side, the Finnish Forest Products Engineers’ Association (Puunjalostusinsinöörit ry, PI) will seize this opportunity to commemorate its 110th anniversary with a cocktail party. Additionally, delegates will have the chance to network in a lively atmosphere at the exciting “Beach Party.”

Additionally, Pulp & Beyond exhibitors will participate in the “Employer of the Future” theme day, engaging from a recruiter’s perspective to discuss various career options with students and job seekers visiting the expo.

As the conference draws to a close, participants are offered the opportunity to embark on excursions to visit either the Metsä Group’s Äänekoski Bioproduct Mill or the Suzano Finland Textile Mfc Plant, rounding off a comprehensive and engaging program.