PMP to provide two rebuilds for Asia Pulp & Paper Sinar Mas mill in Indonesia

Paper Machinery Producer (PMP) recently signed a contract for the delivery of two rebuilds for the Press and Dryer Section for Asia Pulp & Paper Sinar Mas’ (APP) Pindo Deli Mill in Indonesia. The agreement is the result of earlier successful cooperation between PMP and APP, signed off on August 2018.

The scope includes the supply of press section rebuild with new Intelli-Nip® Press and Intelli-Nip® Module 1500. This state-of-the-art technology will ensure higher dryness following the press section and will improve the paper quality in the mill.

The scope of supply for both projects also includes design, on-site transportation, and services.

As part of the contract, PMP will also be delivering new core items for the dryer section rebuild.