OceanCoat P : Voith launches new coater backing roll cover

As an addition to the proven OceanCoat roll cover, Voith has now developed the OceanCoat P. The new coater backing roll cover is specially made for high-demand positions in blade coater applications. Due to its new polyurethane chemistry and unique filler concept, OceanCoat P is optimized to meet the requirements of stable profile conditions and highest wear resistance.

OceanCoat P is confirmed to be very resistant to over pressing. Due to the resistant polymer matrix enhanced with fillers, a constant cover surface including very high abrasion resistance can be ensured. This is an important advantage in coater backing roll applications, as paper breaks may lead to over pressing on standard covers and can shorten the cover lifetime. Another decisive advantage of OceanCoat P is its high chemical resistance. All features increase the running time of the roll, simplify work processes, and thus increase the machine’s productivity.

“We are extremely satisfied with the OceanCoat P. After six months in operation, the roll is still in very good condition,” confirms Markus Krall, Production Manager Coating & Finishing Line 4 at Norske Skog Bruck. “The runtime, which is usually 180 days in this position and shows wear especially in the edge area, was achieved without difficulty. OceanCoat P shows no wear and is used without regrinding.”

Voith offers the best solution for demanding coater backing roll applications and is an expert in the whole process. Especially when combined with ceramic coated high-performance blades, OceanCoat P offers the potential to reduce overall production costs for the customer.