New method for determining the price and quality of wood chips and sawdust-Swedish technology for the pulp and wood pellets industry

The Swedish greentech company Mantex develops and sells industrial measuring equipment for the analysis of wood raw materials in the paper and pulp industry, wood pellets production and in the bioenergy industry.

Now the company’s product Biomass Analyzer has received type approval from Swedish Biometria regarding the determination of dry matter content in wood chips and sawdust. The type approval means that it may officially be used as a measurement method to determine price and quality on the existing market for wood chips and sawdust.

The Mantex Biomass Analyzer has, after extensive tests and evaluations by Biometria and Skogforsk (the Swedish forestry research institute), received a type approval from Biometria regarding the determination of dry matter content in wood chips and sawdust. The Biomass Analyzer determines the moisture or dry content in less than two minutes, compared to existing methods on the market, which are both time-consuming and have a large element of manual work. The equipment is already in use today by the Swedish pulp mill Waggeryd Cell, which uses a Biomass Analyzer to measure the moisture content of incoming wood chips in order to quickly and efficiently determine the price and quality of large and ongoing incoming deliveries. The type approval is equivalent to a certification and is crucial for the continued commercialization and industrialization because it means that the machine is thus officially approved to determine price and quality on the market when used by third parties. Mantex will now intensify efforts to market and sell the Biomass Analyzer to potential customers in the pulp and wood pellets industry.

The type approval is also a seal of quality and an important step that makes it easier for Mantex to extend the approval to also apply to the measurement of ash content and calorific value, important parameters for the growing bioenergy sector. The goal is that the type approval should also cover other types of wood material including tops and branches, which are common materials in the bioenergy sector in particular. The ambition is to complete that in 2024. Member-owned Biometria operates within the forest industry with the task of creating security on the timber market by impartially measuring and reporting forest products in the business between forest and industry. Skogforsk is the Swedish forestry research institute, funded by the forestry industry and the Swedish state. Mantex shares are listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market.