New kraft paper packaging on the shelves of european supermarkets

Sofidel continues to pursue its commitment to more sustainable packaging with its main European brands (including Regina) – once again at the forefront to reduce the use of conventional plastic in consumer product packaging.

Sofidel keeps on introducing new kraft paper packaging in place of or alongside its existing products in several European markets. Following the recent launch of its very first products wrapped in paper packaging in Italy (Rotoloni Regina Eco), Spain (Regina Zero toilet paper), Poland (Regina Rumiankowy toilet paper), the UK (Regina Blitz single-roll household towel) and France (Le Trèfle Absolu Bien-Etre toilet paper), Regina Mit Herzen kitchen towel and Regina Kamillenpapier toilet paper debuted in German supermarkets wrapped in kraft paper packaging.

New packs made of kraft paper – a plant-based material that is renewable and easy to recycle – instead of standard polyethylene film, are already present on European distribution shelves also for Nalys Excellence toilet paper in Belgium and the Netherlands, Cosynel Gold toilet paper in Belgium, Nalys Velours toilet paper in the Netherlands, and the new Lycke Eco-Care toilet paper in Sweden.

After being recently presented in the United Kingdom, Regina Blitz household and kitchen paper towel (single-roll pack) wrapped in kraft paper will also arrive in Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Romania.EW PACKS ALSO MADE OF RECYCLED PLASTIC AND BIOPLASTIC

Since November, Regina WWF Collection tissues (paper handkerchiefs) have been present on shelves in Italy with new polyethylene packs containing a percentage of recycled plastic. With this collection Sofidel supports WWF projects for the conservation of endangered animal species.

Nalys Soft toilet paper packaged in recycled plastic has arrived in Belgium and the relaunch of the Le Trèfle Maxi Douceur toilet paper has recently been completed in France. In addition to the new sheet count (rolls 50% longer) and the new embossing (positive and with the image of a cloverleaf – recalling the shape of the brand logo), this paper too has new packaging made of recycled plastic.

In September, Sofidel also added two new products to the Regina product range in the United Kingdom: Regina Seriously Soft and Regina Seriously Strong toilet papers with Mater-Bi® packaging – a biodegradable and compostable bioplastic, with a high content of renewable materials, obtained from corn starch.