Microline supplies Temca with a new end-of-line solution

Microline, an Italian company specialising in the design and manufacture of machinery for the Tissue industry and secondary packaging, strengthens its working partnership with Temca, a brand belonging to the multinational group Celtex, a leading producer of paper hygiene products for household and professional use. The company turned to Microline to complete the installation of a new packaging line for folded hand towels.

The protagonists of the story

With two manufacturing plants in Europe, Temca operates in the biomedical, food, automotive and other industrial sectors, which it serves with different brands. One of the most important domains for the group is the marketing of hygiene products intended for both large-scale retail and industry. When Temca was faced with new manufacturing requirements in precisely this sector, it turned to Microline, a long-standing partner of the group.

For more than twenty years, Microline, a specialist in the development of Tissue product packaging systems and machinery, has been a supplier of the Celtex group, to which it has sold several end-of-line solutions that have been incorporated into various manufacturing sites in Europe. Although the Italian company’s main expertise is in the primary packaging of Tissue and Nonwoven products, the end-of-line sector is no less important, with a portfolio of palletising and case-packaging solutions that meet a diverse range of requirements.

The expectations: greater flexibility and efficiency

The most recent Temca job order centred around the ROM 600, one of Microline’s best-selling units. This automatic case packer features a horizontal case filling system that combines efficiency, sturdiness and functionality in a single solution. ROM series machines handle case pick-up, erection and filling operations and close the case with an adhesive tape or hot melt system. The very many products that can be packaged include napkins, tissues, and multi-purpose, industrial and hospital paper rolls.

The specific machine supplied to Temca will be installed on a line dedicated to the packaging of folded hand towels primarily intended for industrial use and manufactured in two different sizes. The ROM 600 is the ideal solution to meet the customer’s expectations in terms of flexibility and sturdiness. The line it will be equipping works over 3 work shifts and the machine will be subject to prolonged periods of operation. In addition to its great reliability, one of the advantages of the ROM 600 that it shares with all Microline products is the optimisation of energy consumption, which results in a unit conceived to ensure savings, whilst benefiting the environment.

Where performance meets sustainability

Temca is extremely sustainability-oriented. Evidence of this commitment can be found in the various certifications it has obtained over the years, including that issued by Ecolabel, the European mark for products and services characterised by a low environmental impact throughout their lifecycle, and by the FSC, which identifies products containing wood sourced from properly and responsibly-managed forests, in line with stringent environmental, social and economic standards.

Its partnership with Microline allows Temca to increase both its productive capacity and efficiency, as it continues a process aimed at improving the company’s level of automation, to become a place where people and machines can work together harmoniously. Microline has once again proved its ability to manufacture end-of-line solutions that are both reliable and effective in the most diverse manufacturing settings.