Japan Pulp & Paper becomes shareholder in EFP-Chavassieu in France

Japan Pulp & Paper, has acquired shares in EFP-Chavassieu a paper, paperboard and non-woven fabric distributor in France. The transaction has been operated through Gould Paper Corporation, its consolidated subsidiary based in New York, via Ovol Holdings France.

One of the policies of the Non-Japan Wholesaling segment in Medium-term Business Plan 2023 is to strengthen the sales structure by incorporating complementary M&A into the existing global network, and this acquisition of shares is in line with that policy.

EFP handles printing, communication, packaging and industrial paper mainly in the French market. With this acquisition of shares, the Ovol Japan Pulp & Paper Group will organically leverage EFP’s strong relationships with European suppliers and the OVOL Japan Pulp & Paper Group network, including Gould Papiers France (based in Paris) and Japan Pulp & Paper (in Düsseldorf, Germany), to expand and diversify its business in the European market.