Heat Management’s HISS™ installed as part of Södra expansion 2.0 project

Heat Management‘s HISS™ was installed as part of Södra expansion 2.0 project, resulting in production records (+9%), and increased boiler load by 12%

With higher production comes more output of renewable energy to the grid, resulting in 20 MWe of locally generated and sustainable power for the Swedish SE3 region. This effectively offsets power generation from fossil power stations, reducing emissions by 21 000 tons CO2eq annually.

”We entered into a sustainability partnership with Heat Management to reduce our production costs and increase the generation of renewable power from our pulp mill. The investment in HISS™, allowed us to safely explore the process limits and take it beyond technical specifications, to reach our production goal of 850 000 tons/year. The recovery boiler is now operating on a 12% higher liquor throughput compared to before. The investment was in line with Södra sustainability and decarbonization goals.”Anders Wiman, Power and Recovery Manager, SCV