Guyenne Papier in the spotlight at Kélonia museum exhibition – Turtle recovery center

Did you know that at least 1,000 sea turtles die every year from entanglement in plastic waste?

The presence of plastic in our oceans is an ecological time bomb, and sea turtles are its silent victims. The Kélonia care center on Reunion Island, which has been observing the devastating impact of plastic waste for 15 years, reveals alarming figures: more than half the turtles they treat have ngested plastic.

The situation is critical: by 2025, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by weight. The exhibition at Kélonia is not just a warning. It illustrates, through its works, the urgent need to act now to protect our marine ecosystems and our own health. Indeed, we unknowingly ingest the equivalent of a plastic credit card every two months.

Guyenne Papier: ecology at the heart of its DNA

A company nestled in the heart of the Dordogne has distinguished itself by its commitment to the environment, a value rooted in its DNA. Honored at Kélonia’s exhibition, this recognition underscores its ongoing efforts for a greener future. Guyenne Papier implements daily practices such as saving water and manufacturing paper with 0% controversial matter.

Its most recent innovation is the creation of Sunibarrier, a revolutionary range of packaging papers and boards designed to replace plastic. This initiative reflects not only the company’s commitment to the environment, but also its proactive contribution to the fight against plastic pollution.

The real answer to plastic packaging

After 4 years of research and development with its partners, Guyenne Papier launches Sunibarrier, a range of environmentally-friendly papers and cardboards to replace plastic packaging. It’s THE efficient solution in 100% natural paper, biosourced and/or over 90% recyclable, with barrier properties to grease, oil, water and water vapour, as well as being heat-sealable.

It’s now possible to reconcile industrial performance with environmental responsibility. Guyenne Papier offers companies the ideal solution for a worry-free ecological transition.