Grenoble INP-Pagora heads to China

In June, a trip to the birthplace of paper organised with the backing of Allimand and French Embassy attachés in Shanghai and Guangzhou gave two representatives from Grenoble INP-Pagora the opportunity to meet Chinese academics and manufacturers.
A major producer and consumer of paper, China is engaged in a transition strategy that is both industrial to stimulate the growth of pulp and paper production in the country and environmental: Chinese firms operating in the paper sector have expressed a great deal of interest in biorefinery, biomaterials and bioproducts. This is a sustainable technological development policy to which Grenoble INP-Pagoras engineering training and LGP2s innovative research have much to contribute.
Isabelle Desloges, Head of International Relations, and Séverin Van Gastel, Head of International Development and Partnerships, met with representatives of APP, China Haisum Engineering and China Tobacco Mauduit, as well as those of various universities Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Duke Kunshan University (Kunshan), Chinese University of Petroleum (Qingdao) and South China University of Technology (Guangzhou) to initiate new partnerships.
Indeed, China offers attractive career opportunities to graduates of the engineering school, as exemplified by Valentin Ackermann, who hosted the Grenoble delegation. Having graduated as an engineer from Grenoble INP-Pagora in 2012, he is now Deputy General Manager Operations at China Tobacco Mauduit (Jiangmen).