Gender equity: a priority in Lecta’s sustainability agenda

A clear commitment included in our 2030 targets.​ ​

Responsible conduct towards the people and communities in which we operate is a core part of our sustainability agenda. ​

At Lecta, we also know that our people are what set us apart from others. Our team – effective, customer-oriented and with extensive industry experience – is our greatest asset. This is why our target is for our workplace to be one in which all our team members have opportunities for professional growth and development, in a dynamic, yet caring, setting. We believe in developing leadership and the importance of creating an environment that encourages continuous learning and merit-based recognition.

Moving towards ensuring gender equity and equal opportunities in a diversified workforce is at the heart of Lecta’s ESG strategy. Because fostering and attaining equal participation for men and women is critical to being a prosperous, sustainable business.

To this end, Lecta has a Gender Equal Opportunities Plan with the aim of coordinating measures to ensure equal opportunities for men and women, in a real and effective manner, and above all achieving equality in our Management Group.

This will be accomplished by defining and implementing an orderly set of measures, based on prior analysis, aimed at achieving equal treatment and equal opportunities regardless of gender.

In line with this commitment, in its 2030 agenda Lecta’s target is to maintain equal percentages of 50% females and males in the recruiting of new professional staff.

Find out more about Lecta’s gender equity commitment and other social issues in our 2022 Sustainability Report.